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Tips of maintain of disabled mobility scooter

Talking about disabled mobility scooter, it is a good product for disabled people. A mobility scooter can do a great support for their daily life. Then we will teach disabled mobility scooter users some tips of maintains.
1/Before maintain,you should know well about your mobility scooter,knowing functions of different buttons. Especially how to start and stop quickly, just in case something emergency happened.
2/Keep the scooter clean and dry is very important, it can avoid rust of iron parts.
3/Checking nuts of mobility scooter is loosed or not before driving every 3 months,if find nuts loosed,tighten up them in time.
4/Checking the situation of tires timely. Repair rolling parts in time,and put in lubricating oil.
5/Keep the pressure of tires enough,avoid touching with oil or acid things.

6/Build a good habit of charging, charge very days as you can. If you will not use in for a long time, please remember to charge your mobility scooter one time per month.



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