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How to maintain our disabled scooter

The maintenance is important to electric disabled scooter, if drive at high speed in a bad situation for a long time, maintenance must be made for times. If electric disabled scooter has a big failure or an accident, mainly spare parts must be checked. For example:frame, indicator parts and so on. Repair or change the worn parts to make sure safety.
To ensure the electric vehicle safety and reliability, do not allow the electric disabled scooter to be modified. Use original parts or equivalent parts of similar quality during maintenance and replacement. If you use other parts of poor quality, it will affect the performance of electric disabled scooter and operation functions.
To ensure the safety of personnel, from harm, regardless of any program of maintenance work, be sure to turn the power off, parked the car on a flat hard surface.
If you store your scooter more than a month's time, or to stop using in the winter period, it is required to make maintenance work to bad tires,batteries, etc., aging and corrosion.
Maintenance for battery:
If the scooter will not use for a long time, please take out the battery, full charge and store it in a cool well ventilated and dry place.
If the head of battery was corroded, please take out battery and clean it. Turn off the ignition switch before take out the battery, take apart the negative pole first. When you assemble the battery, fi the positive pole first, then the negative pole, don't mix.


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